The 7-Day Relationship Success Plan Challenge!

What if a 1-page plan could help you to communicate better, connect more, reduce stress, argue less, and grow your bond? It can! In The Relationship Success Plan Challenge, you'll take your hopes, dreams, and creative ideas for you as a couple and put them into a written plan that moves you toward where you want to go. So, are you up for the challenge?

Here are just a few of the powerful, relationship-building strategies you will add to your plan!

  • Know Your Lighthouse

    You have to know you in order to lead you. Discover how to use your core values to negotiate differences and plan for a bright future

  • Create 1-Minute Connection Moments

    Studies show that happy couples with a stable relationship have five positive interactions for every negative one. Strengthen your bond by building powerful connection moments into your day.

  • Fill Your Partner's Love-Bank

    Avoid the gut wrenching feeling of short accounts by filling your partner's love-bank. Then, supercharge your bond by speaking his or her unique love language!

  • Create Soft Landings

    Plan to manage stress well and create soft landings for longer periods of recharge throughout the year!

  • This plan can be completed alone or as a couple. We believe it only takes one person to start the cycle of positive change in a relationship!

  • Although this plan is designed to be completed in 7-days, you get lifetime access to the course, so you can move at your own pace.

  • Jed is a marriage and family therapist and Jenny is a social worker. In this course, we've taken the best researched-based relationship wisdom we could find and put it into a highly-actionable plan.

  • The goal of this plan is to help you take action and gain relationship wins fast!

"I loved working with Jed and Jenny. Their approach makes perfect sense and can be an eye-opener in many respects. What I specifically like is that you can make a relationship success plan and then continuously adapt this for the various close relationships in your life. 

Congratulations on this unique Success Plan. I like it a lot."

Mimi Emmanuel #1 bestselling author of the 'Truth, Love & God' series

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